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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, I would like to buy your products, however our farm is in Tasmania. Can you supply us?

Yes, we can arrange delivery to any place in Australia

My normal order is a mixture of egg cartons with labels and sometimes without labels. And occasionally i need a mixture of different trays, how does that work for you?

We do allow mixing of packaging products and mixing cartons with or without labels.

I'm currently using MOBA packing line, are your cartons suitable for this machine?

We currently supply to farmers who use a fast packing line, we make sure our products are easy to work with any packing line.

What is your delivery schedule?

Stock items are usually a few days. A personal order generally is between 6-8 weeks.

How do we get to view your samples?

Our regional sales rep can visit your farm generally with 3 notice or we can post them to you directly.

I'm manufacturing fragile electrical sensors, can you produce specially designed protecting covers?

Yes, we are happy to make any shapes and forms that are made out of recycled paper.

We have been using the same logo label for our egg cartons for the last decade, can you freshen our label up yet using the same logo?

Yes, we freshen up and change whatever you would like, we have an in house graphic designer who will work closely with you at no extra cost.

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