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Welcome to Budget Pack - Recycled Packaging

As the owners of Budget Pack, we have been well known in the international trading industry for the last 12 years. During this last decade we have been involved in importing and exporting many different types of products. Our fundamental concern has been the reduction of non-biodegradable products, to reduce plastic waste and unnatural products from our everyday lives. We see this as vitally important to help reduce CO2 emissions and move us towards a more eco-friendly, greener environment.

Our packaging is all made from moulded fibre, a raw material consisting of 100% recycled paper. The beauty of this is that when disposed of, our products can be reused in the production of even more moulded fibre packaging. Furthermore, our products are biodegradable, and compostable. The origins of all of the recycled paper used in our production is from wood pulp, a totally renewable resource.

A couple of years ago the opportunity arose for us to work closely with a manufacturing company that shared our interest, and met our needs in producing environmentally friendly products. Since then we have become one of the fastest growing distrubuitors of environmentally friendly recycled moulded fibre and pulp packaging within Australia.

Our egg carton and egg tray products provide maximum protection against breakages. The egg is closely surrounded by natural moulded fibre which has excellent warmth properties. It is ergonomically tactile which gives it better breathing capabilities in humid situations and helps to keep the product's temperature closer to its natural state.

We are dedicated to providing top quality service at a budget price. We offer a first class label design and printing service to our clients at no extra cost. We also offer modification of existing designs free of charge.

We commit ourselves to satisfying your needs. We offer a high quality, professional, 24 hours 7 days a week customer service hotline. Our initial contact is face to face as we are a friendly, family owned and operated company.

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